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The Clan Maxwell Society of Canada has through a vote at the last Annual General Meeting decided to keep operating. However they have decided to no longer have a website but to continue on Facebook. Please watch here for future information. The Clan Maxwell Society USA has been renamed the Clan Maxwell Society and has a new website located at and a new Facebook Page at I would urge all Maxwells to check both the website and the FB page. Slainte!

The Webmaster Stephen Maxwell

The Beginning

The CLAN MAXWELL SOCIETY OF CANADA was formed on October 29th, 1993. It was not long before we had Members in three provinces and a few Canadians living in the United States. It is our desire that there should be representatives of all MAXWELLs across Canada, and that there will be an understanding of MAXWELL history in the countries of origin: Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man, but especially back to Scotland for the beginning of the family.

Because Canada has the largest land mass in the world, we realize how difficult it might be to serve Members. However, we endeavour to do so through our Newsletter, published at least three times annually.

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of The CLAN MAXWELL SOCIETY OF CANADA are to cultivate pride in, and foster a spirit of kinship among all Members; encourage each Member to offer aid and hospitality to other clansmen; provide accurate, interesting and timely information on MAXWELL history, activities and people; to encourage young people in Clan activities; and to collect historical as well as genealogical records of the family.


A Sept is a related family or minor Clan, usually by marriage or close historical assocation with a major family.

Septs & Variant Spellings of Maxwell:

Adair, Blackstock, Dinwiddie, Dinwoddie, Dinwoodie, Dunwoodie, Edgar, Egarr, Halldykes, Herries, Kirk, Kirkdale, Kirkhaugh, Kirkland, Kirko, Latimer, Latimore, Macetterick, Macettrick, Macgetrick, Macgettrich, Macgettrick, Macghittich, Machethrick, Macittrick, Mackeswal, Mackethrick, Macketterick, Mackitterick, Mackittrick, Macsata, Macsetree, Makiswel, Makiswell, Makkiswell, Maxey, Maxon, Maxton, Maxuel, Maxvall, Maxvile, Maxwaile, Maxwale, Maxweel, Maxwell, Mescall, Monreith, Moss, Nithdale, Paulk, Peacock, Poak, Pogue, Poke, Polk, Pollock, Pollok, Sturgeon, Wardlaw

A Brief History

The MAXWELLs for almost five hundred years were one of the most powerful and respected families along the Scottish southwest border. The family has held numerous titles and offices such as Earl of Nithsdale, Earl of Morton, Earl of Dirleton, Lord Maxwell, Lord Carlyle, Lord Elbottle, Lord Eskdaill, Lord Herries of Terregles, Lord Kingston, Lord Farnham, Lord DeRos, Warden of the Western Marches, and Chamberlain of Scotland.

They have held five Baronetcies; that of Calderwood in Lanarkshire, Cardoness in Kirkcudbrightshire, Monreith in Wigtonshire, Pollock in Renfrewshire, and Springkell in Dumfriesshire.

The first mention we have of the MAXWELLs is Sir John Maxwell, who was Chamberlain of Scotland, and who died without issue in 1241. He was succeeded by his brother.

Many castles and historic homes have belonged to the MAXWELLs over the years, such as Threave, Annan Tower, Lochmaben, Langholm, Hills, Terregles, Maxwell's Castle (Dumfries), Barend, Kirkconnell House, Hoddom, Cardoness, Orchardtown, Corra, Preston (Wrieth's Tower), Castlemilk, Cowhill, Fourmerkland, The Isle, Friar's Carse, Myretown Tower, Auldhouse, Monreith, and in Strathclyde: Pollock, Haggs, Calderwood, Newark, Stainley, and Dargavel House.

Howver, the great castle of the MAXWELLs and their Clan seat, is CAERLAVEROCK Castle, situated south of Dumfries by the Solway, an unique and beautiful sight even in it's partially ruined state today. It is well worth the visit!

Background graphic from a painting courtesty of Andrew Spratt, Custodian,Dirleton Castle,East Lothian, Scotland. -

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