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Coming Soon! IRC Clan Chat Nights! [posted July 2, 2008]

Since the members of Clan Maxwell Canada are so spread out, and frequently unable to attend centralized meetings, such as the AGM, I thought it might be fun to utilize one of the old technologies of the internet-- IRC-- or Internet Relay Chat. For those of you unfamiliar with IRC please see the following article at Wikipedia:

Internet Relay Chat

To use IRC you will need a program to chat. I recommend the following. If you are a Firefox browser user the extension:


A good freeware program is:


And for those you like a full-featured shareware I recommend this one, which I have been using for years:


I still haven't decided which network I will set the chat night up on but I am hoping to have things in place by the end of the month for our first chat night. I may post a theme or topic for each night, but I think the first will just be an open forum for discussion to see how it goes. After that, we may have nights where we invite our American cousins from for joint chats, or even have guest speakers, such as genealogists or historians join us in the chat. I would love to hear your feedback at Webmaster .

Adding new 'How to Join' Page and New Pictures of the Spencerville Games. [posted June 27, 2008]

As requested by users in the guest book, I will be adding a 'How to Join the Clan Maxwell Society of Canada' button on the main page. This will include two different downloadable membership applications- one in Word format, and one in text format.

Coming soon! Pictures of the Veteran's Memorial Highland Games at Spencerville June 21, 2008. Check back soon.

William Pollock steps down as President  [Dec 9, 2007]

Because of other commitments William Pollock has had to step down from the President's position. Jacqueline Rowan has offered to serve as Interim President until an election can be held

Newletters on Dec 6/2007

Newsletters are now starting to be posted in the Members Only area. If you do not have your password and username yet please email me.

Music Links on Nov 11/2006

I've started to populate the Music Link page finally!

New Stone Mountain Games 2006 report in Member's Reports!

Check out the new report on the trip to Stone Mountain Highland Games by Jackie and Merv Rowan

Members Only Area 2006/10/17

If you are a member of Clan Maxwell Society and want access to the Member's Only area please email me for the userid and password.

Your webmaster, Stephen Maxwell

Maxwell Year 2006 - Celebrating the Man Who Changed Everything!


Greetings to all Maxwells

Tomorrow is June 1st - that gives you 13 more days to think of an appropriate way to celebrate the 175th birthday of the brilliant Scottish mathematician, James Clerk Maxwell. (Incidentally, the Edgars are part of Clan Maxwell.) See

This year is designated "Maxwell Year 2006 - Celebrating the Man Who Changed Everything!" He was born June 13, 1831.

Maxwell used Faraday's information about the behaviour of magnetism and completed the necessary math to show that electricity and magnetism were but different manifestations of the same thing - electromagnetism (in this remarkable phrase, he describes light as part of the same manifestation "/We can scarcely avoid the conclusion that light consists in the transverse undulations of the same medium which is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena.").

Apart from his discoveries of electromagnetism, he early on had accurately described the particulate nature of Saturn's rings, using logic to show that nothing else could allow the stability of the long-lived rings, and he theorized that gaseous temperatures and heat involved only molecular movement (kinetic theory of gases). These are but a few of his many achievements.

Maxwell was a contemporary of Faraday, Airy, Thompson (Lord Kelvin), Boltzmann, Riemann, Tait, Helmholtz, and Cavendish, among others.

He graduated with a degree in mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge and spent much of his life in Edinburgh, but he also held the chair of Natural Philosophy at King's College, London, travelled frequently to Cambridge, and had an immense interest in what made things "go."

JCMT in Hawaii is named in his honour - it is the largest sub-millimetre array in the world at 15 metres, probing the Solar System, interstellar gas and dust, and distant galaxies.

He was and still is considered the greatest 19th-century physicist, leading to a 20th-century understanding of our Universe. Einstein considered him a hero, having paintings of Maxwell and Faraday on his study wall.

James Clerk Maxwell died on November 5, 1879 in Cambridge.

Text courtesy of James Edgar. Posted September 18, 2006

New Guestbook installed and move to new server is completed

A new guestbook has been installed that does away with all those annoying popups and ads. As I learn more about the new software I may be able to tweak it to look more like the site. The move to the new website host went well. No glitches that I have found. Let me know what you think of the improvements in the sidebar menu, and features on the website. Coming soon will be the monthly newsletters, a live chat feature, and many more improvements as I think of them.

Posted September 17, 2006

Site has been moved to new server

The site has now been moved to a new server with more space, more services and more scripts.

Slainte: Your Webmaster, Stephen Maxwell

Posted September 2, 2006

An Invitation to a Cattle Reiving Enactment- Fun event for all 'Reiving' Clans, like the MAXWELLS!

Hello All, Clan Cameron - Ontario Branch wishes to invite representation from all Clans to participate in a "CATTLE REIVING ENACTMENT" to take place on the Bruce Trail in Waterdown Saturday September 23rd. Starting at 11:00 am. Friends of the Clan, children, dogs and any Landless Men' will be very welcome. The idea is to maintain our 'Reiving' skills so dearly earned in the 'Old' days, and have some fun and social intercourse with the Clans represented in Ontario. The trek is approximately 8 kilometres and is a typically beautiful section of the Bruce. We will register and start at the North Wentworth Community Centre [west of Clappison's Corners] and finish 3 or 4 hours later at the Royal Coachman Pub in Waterdown for some appropriate refreshment. - An entry requirement will be a 'Wee Coo', (perhaps a plush toy or ???) which the Clan must shepherd from one end to the other. [trading, theft, bribery and general skulduggery are possible]. The eventual 'Champion Clan' will have answered a series of skill testing questions at the hands of various 'Sheriff's Men' and other 'Ruffians'! As well demonstration of some historic skill may be required. Water is a requirement, lunch is usually a plus and sturdy shoes a good idea. Weather permitting, clan regalia would be appropriate, though certainly not a requirement. For anyone not up to the 8 kilometre distance, we have established a second starting point on Snake Road which will be about 4 kilometres from our goal at Smokey Hollow. And if you don't wish to walk at all, we have openings for volunteer 'Excise Persons', 'Sheriffs', Ruffians' and 'Revenuers', who will man the check points and safe houses for the trek. You may even 'start' at Smokey Hollow, and wait for the arrival of 'Your' Clan. [From here its about 700 meters to the Pub]. You must RSVP that you are coming with an approximate number of participants [contact details below], we will meet and register at the Community center with maps, instructions and all the details for the 'Winning' of our re-enactment. Presentations will be made at the Pub! Questions cheerfully answered any time.

Slainte: Glenn Goldstraw
President Ontario Branch
Clan Cameron Association

Box 2757 101 Markham St.
St. Marys ON N4X 1A5

PS: If you have any ideas or suggestions for the day, please let me know!

Background graphic from a painting courtesty of Andrew Spratt, Custodian,Dirleton Castle,East Lothian, Scotland. -